Gottman Relationship Checkup

What is the Gottman Relationship Checkup?

Much like the Prepare Enrich Questionnaire, the Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online psychometric relationship survey. We tailor make our couple-client therapy plans so sometimes, either one of the questionnaires will be more relevant given the specific circumstances. They are both an excellent and inexpensive way of determining where a relationship is at and where it needs to go. Of course, sometimes the Checkup (sadly) will show that unless the couple are up for enormous change in their behaviour towards each other, an end to the relationship is inevitable. Where appropriate we are able to provide Couples Mediation for a mutually agreed consent order where a case ends in divorce.

What is the difference between this approach and others?

The beauty of the Gottman research with couples is that it’s all evidenced based; following on 40 years of research! John and Julie Gottman engineered a ‘Love Laboratory’ where they have studied couples and their patterns of behaviour, over many years. They have made some astounding observations and are able to predict within a couple of minutes (of watching a couple interact) if they would still be together a few months or years down the line. Using this knowledge, they created their own method of working with couples. Their methods involve a lot more psychology teaching than regular couples therapy and at we find this a very valuable tool in therapy with some our couples. In common with other approaches, Gottman focuses on communication, conflict resolution, emotional intimacy as well as shared goals and values.

What Relationship Areas are Assessed?

Just about everything – including differences arising from family of origin, spiritual beliefs, sexual expectations, control, communication, financial management, infidelity, conflict resolution, stress and anxiety, leisure pursuits, friendships, blended family issues, family roles, mutual expectations, dreams and goals, remarriage and post-divorce issues. Basically, everything to be found in the Prepare Enrich questionnaire, but in a lot more detail.

What are the benefits of a couple doing either questionnaire and is it a ‘must’?

We believe that a couple can gain an increased self-awareness merely by completing the checkup. It can help identify patterns of behaviour as well as flaws in communication that could be undermining the relationship. It also helps to showcase the strengths of each couple. The check-up provides us, the facilitator, with personalised recommendations for each couple and can be very helpful with getting to the weakest part of the relationship in a short timeframe. In this way, therapy will have the greatest impact. That said, it is definitely not a ‘must’ for the way we work at We appreciate that for some couples the idea of answering so many questions may be overwhelming. We’re flexible, and hope that our clients will also benefit from modelling our flexible approach.

What do we need to do to access the questionnaire?

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